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Chai Membership

Our beautiful synagogue is an architectural and historical gem. Visitors of all faiths experience wonder and awe standing within its beautiful wooden building. It is a must-see for all who visit Suriname. The original Synagogue, built in 1719 was re-built in 1835.


The Suriname Jewish Community has less than 100 full-time members. In order to maintain the two existing synagogues and the three cemeteries, the community desperately needs financial support. In early 2008 we introduced a new initiative called Chai Membership.


A Chai (from the Hebrew word for life as in L'chaim) member is a person (or family) who does not live in Suriname but wishes to help maintain this historic synagogue and help provide a spiritual home for all those who travel to our shores. In times of need, we are here not only for our members but also for travelers. Our Sanctuary and our Mahamad (community center) are available for life-cycle ceremonies of non-members.



Chai Membership Programs


Here are some of the programs that were supported by our Chai membership donations:

Renovation of the Rabbi's House

Ten Mezuzot for the Community

Renovation of the 150-Year-Old Mikvah

Tall, strong and beautiful fences around three Paramariabo cemetaries

Memorial Monument for the 104 Surinamese Jews who died in the Holocaust

How to Become a Chai Member?


There are two categories of Chai membership:


• US $18 per year Chai member

• US $180 Lifetime Chai membership


Chai members are a vital part of this congregation. Their contributions help us perpetuate our 379-year-old congregation, the oldest in continuous use in the Americas.


To become part of our Congregation as a Chai or Lifetime Chai member, please contact our Chai membership coordinator, Jacob Steinberg.




Please join us (and enjoy reading our beautiful newsletter).


Thank You Very Much!

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