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Special Acknowledgements

Ms. Rachel Frankel – after over 140 years of neglect, Rachel, a New York Architect and an independent scholar who was later joined by Dr. Aviva Ben – Ur, conducted an important historical interdisciplinary research in the Jodensavanne and Cassipora. In conjunction with The Foundation for Jodensavanne and with the support of the Caribbean Volunteer Expeditions (CVE) (, they undertook six expeditions between 1997 and 2002 with a dedicated group of volunteers. In their book: “Remnant Stones: The Jewish Cemeteries and Synagogues of Suriname” Frankel and Ben – Ur present a comprehensive description of these expeditions. It is the first documentation of Suriname’s oldest surviving burial grounds and synagogues; The culmination of their work can be found



Mr. Guido Robles – the previous Chairman of the Jodensavanne Foundation for the wealth of information he provided during the research for this website.



Mr. Erwin Berg – a lawyer and historian who participated with his wife Elaine as volunteers in the 1999 expedition of Ms. Frankel. Mr. Berg provided a fascinating article: “Among the Dead in the Jewish Savanna” (2000);



Ms. Lilly Duym – who conducted an eye opening tour of the Paramaribo cemeteries and provided valuable information during the research for this subject.



Shai Fierst - for his valuable comments and on going support.



Ms. Judy Manelis - for her dedicated editing work.



Mr. Scott Forler - for his ongoing web marketing support.



Mr. Jacob Steinberg - the creator of the web site, founder and promoter of the Chai Membership support group.



Heather Steinberg - our dedicated webmaster.



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